The South Dakotan

Joel "camel-knees" Molascon

Above is a picture of me and my horse Lloyd. Actually, I have never owned a horse (or stole one) but if I had I'd have named him Lloyd. This picture was taken in Colorado the one and only time I've ridden a horse. But I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I think I have at least half a cow-puncher in me.

I really knew nothing of The Virginian before reading it for my American Liturature II class. I felt that overall it was an enjoyable love story. However, I thought the author was often too detailed in his description of 'the West' and failed to hold my attention. The narrator was Owen Wister, the author. The main storyline is boy rescues girl, boy falls in love with girl, girl gives boy the cold shoulder, girl rescues boy, girl falls in love with boy, boy and girl marry and live happily ever after. There are actually several other themes that run through the novel. Several conflicts in the story are good v. evil, justice v. vengence, man v. woman, and wild west v. civil east. In the end good conquers evil, justice prevails, and man captures woman's heart. This was a romantic tale indeed. God Bless America!